New Elves!!

I know I don’t update this page nearly often enough but we’ve had some exciting developments this summer so I just had to write with us. We put out the call for some new elves early this summer, the requirements aren’t high, you just have to be unafraid to ask for money and work for peanut brittle. Lisa Lefever and Evelyn Charrier answered the call and they have been working their elf butts off ever since. We are so glad to have two more people that are as enthusiastic about the kids of Chelem as we are.

We are already counting down the days and wringing our hands over how we’re going to buy all those toys. We do this every year and we’ve never turned away a child. If dreams came true, we’d have toys for every child in the Yucatan, but we have to satisfy ourselves with providing the dreams we can. If you’re reading our page, we hope that you’ve decided to join us in this effort.

There is nothing like seeing those kids faces when Santa shows up at the square. It makes us elves believe in magic. Because it is magic. In a world that could use a little magic, we do what we can with help from all of you.
Let’s make some more!Las Dunas bingo2Lisa


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