A Little Bit About Us

The Elves, Sherri, Gabi, and Ileana, at Bingo-Raffle Extravaganza!
While I was back in Chelem a few weeks ago, I was talking with a woman I had just met.  She let me know right away that she did not support the toy drive.  I said, “That’s fine.”  Then she went on to tell me some of the reasons that she doesn’t.  One of her reasons was that she felt that it brought shame to the fathers’ of the village because it implied that we did not think the fathers were… providing for their children.  When I explained that we did not give toys to just the children we think are needy but to every child in the village and that the toy drive is not a charity event, it is an event to show the local people our appreciation for accepting us into their community, she said she didn’t know this and that I should let people know this and write a letter letting them know what we do. So here it goes.  First off, this is a non-profit group and none of the elves receive any benefits, monetary or other. Second, we provide toys for every child in Chelem up to the age of 12.  Last year the mothers registered every child at the commisario’s office which allowed for a fair distribution of toys.  This will be done again this year.  Third, last year we had a surplus of toys because Costco donated 450 toys after we had already ordered ours.  The surplus toys were given to the village of Chumayel, which does not have an ex-pat community, the children with AIDS in Merida, and our local police force.  We still had toys left over because we couldn’t find anyone to take them on short notice and we will use those toys if we run out this year. This year we have agreed to include the area DIF disabled children in our giveaway and that adds 40+ kids to our list. Fifth, all of the resort stays are donated, we do not pay for these, the hotels do it to help us make the kids smile.  Please show your appreciation by considering staying at one of the hotels or resorts that have donated to a community that isn’t even in their local area.  Sixth, we know that there are other causes out there that are just as worthy and that some people think they are more worthy, that may be, but we still believe that a little magic and kindness is an important in a child’s life.  Thank you.
Mary, Santa aka Rick, and Star

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