Those Pesky Chelem Elves

Dos Amigas waiting for Santa Claus

I know. I know. It’s not even Halloween yet and they’re already playing Christmas carols in Walmart and those Pesky Chelem Elves are already starting to pester you for money.  Can’t they wait until after Thanksgiving?  Who’s in the mood for Christmas when it’s still 90F degrees out? Right?

We wish we could wait until after Thanksgiving, or even Halloween, we really do, but here’s the reason we can’t.  Toys!  They’re the reason we can’t wait.  In the past years the majority of our donations have come in the month of November and we’ve usually put our deadline for donations around the first of December.  The problem with that is that then we end up running around from store to store in Merida like crazy people, scooping up whatever we can find that fits into our price range, doesn’t require batteries (ever try to find 300 boy’s toys that don’t require batteries, it ain’t easy) or electronics of any kind.  Plus, we’re competing with all the other organizations that are having toy drives and we’re all looking for the same kind of toys.  There hasn’t been any bloodshed.  Yet.

Last year there were some questions regarding our purchase of some toys that required batteries.  The answer is that was all that was left on the shelves, folks.

It’s brutal!  Just ask anyone that has had the joy of going on one of these shopping excursions with us.  We ain’t all whistling “Joy To The World” when it’s over.  Believe me.

So this year we thought we’d nip that in the bud and Jim Sullivan, the husband of our elf, Sherri, who had worked for Walmart in the U.S. before retirement volunteered to meet with the manager of Walmart to talk toys.  We had talked with the elves over in Chuburna and we had all agreed to go together and order ahead of time the same toys, all the boys would get the same toy, all the girls would get the same toy and all the little kids would get the same toy.  This would ensure that every kid got an equal gift. Even though we had always tried to make them equal, it was impossible.  So this would mean a lot less headache for us and a lot less heartache for the kids and maybe we’d be able to get a big discount if we ordered such a large number.  Plus we wouldn’t have to worry about the stores running out of toys before we got there.

Perfect, right?

Well, not quite.  We started this process way back in April or May and guess what? We still haven’t ordered any toys.  We can’t seem to get the Walmart manager to get in the Christmas mood either.

But we’re trying and if he calls and says, “Let’s place an order”, we want to have the money.”

So that’s why we keep bugging you.  It’s our job.

As always, we are open for suggestions, especially if you can think of a way to ship toys down here that won’t cost us an arm and a leg and a few other appendages. Just drop us a line at chelem christmas dreams

BTW we’re always looking for new recruits.



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